Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Brunch with Friends...

saupload_mad_20hatter_20tea_20partyLast week we talked about being busted in a BDSM club, and this week we take a more in-depth approach.

With the popularity of BDSM themed novels and the explosion of pretty velvet blindfolds, furry cuffs, and gray silk ties, a little fetish play seems to have taken the world by storm!

This week, I ask my pals the big question:

Whips or Chains? (Explain)

Leave your own answer in the comments section for a chance to win an ebook! Don’t be shy! Three great authors are standing by (and of course I’m waiting) to hear your response!

Last Week’s Winner:  Lisa G!


Whips, baby, whips.

Chains are hard, unyielding, and to a degree, inflexible hunks of cold metal. And while I do have a fondness for big hunks of metal, as anyone who has seen the scads of silver I wear on my hands can attest to, for me chain is an impersonal tool. It smells of the dentist’s office. The mental weight of it carries the taint of torture and bondage of the bad sort. The word that comes to my mind is brutish – an implement used to restrain dogs who’ve been mistreated instead of loved. There are those who love chain for just those and other reasons, but not me. It’s merely a device in the game.

Leather, however, is sensuous. It has its own warmth. The smell of leather is the smell of sex – like a lover’s skin in the afterglow. When you run it through your hand the texture licks your flesh like a ghost of a caress. It breaths through every sense and wakes up your body with a promise of supple, yet stern, pleasure.

It is flexible. It bends to your will. It becomes an extension of you. You hold the handle of a whip in your hand long enough and it begins to conform to you, give into you, becomes part of you. The strands of the flogger are like your own fingers clawing into your lover’s back. Leaving your mark on their skin.

It can be in simple of form as your belt used to bind or beat or as complex and wicked as a braided flogger. Leather has the potential to be the tool only a skilled master of a single tail whip can call to life; make speak with a gunshot crack as it splits the air at one and half times the speed of sound. In essence, as it once was part of a living, breathing animal, it never truly looses it soul. It lives again in the hand of a master.

And it’s just fucking sexy. ~ Author James Buchanan

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Whips definitely. Why? Because I’m the one holding it. I’m not being whipped and there’s this thrill that goes through me when I’m holding the leather of either my flogger or my whip in my hand. If I’m holding that whip then there’s at least one, if not two subs bare-assed in front of me waiting for the delicious sting of “Daredevil” which is what I call him. They are bound and breathless waiting for me. It’s a delicious feeling being able to give back to them just as they give to me.

Plus, I am against chains just on principle. LOL.

~Author Victor Alexander

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3-9 Sunday Brunch - JP Barnaby - Cover


Whips or chains…. Whips or chains….

Metaphorically, that’s a tough call. I like bondage and spanking just as much as the next girl. Moving that up a notch, though, I’d say I’ll take the chains. A whip will cut the skin when used effectively, so I’ll stick to straining, arching, begging submission with Sir above me, a stern expression, and arsenal of toys and…. Oh, uhm… sorry.

I’ll take the chains.

~ Author J.P. Barnaby

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Sunday Brunch with Friends...

Thursday, March 6, 2014


My Heartache CowboyI know you probably think I forgot, but NO WAY would I forget to do this!

Thanks to Viviana, my very excellent Enchantress of Books blog tour coordinator, we have a winner!

The game is over, the numbers have been crunched, and the winner of the Amazon $50.00 Gift Certificate is


Congratulations, your winning gift certificate is on its way!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this with a special thank-you to the reviewers,  bloggers, and friends who hosted me while I was on this journey!

XOXO, I love all of you!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come,



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back to Sunday Brunch Blogging!

saupload_mad_20hatter_20tea_20partyHiya ZAMmers! I got pretty bogged down there for a bit, and was unable to get my Sunday Brunch posts up. Thanks to William Cooper, my awesome new “lovely assistant”, (photo below), I am able to get this started again.

I’m happy to report that I have three guests today, Cynnara Tregarth, Vicktor Alexander, and the incomparable, very busy Ethan Day!

I’m so lucky to have wonderful people who will share their thoughts with me.

Readers, please share your answers in the comment section for a chance to win an ebook from these authors!

Today’s question: You’re busted in a BDSM Dungeon. What were you doing?


When it comes to BDSM clubs and me– anything is possible. But normally– it’s me, a flogger, and a lovely male or female sub. Though I’m a switch— I submit very rarely and only with a chosen few. When I’m at a club- I’m normally a Dominant and I love to play and I love watching. Flogging is fun to do and I love teasing. It’s also one of the things I love writing about in my books.

If you don’t find me there, you’ll find me haunting rooms where I can see both Dominas and Doms doing their things, bringing subs and switches to fulfillment. From pony play to people on St. Andrew’s Crosses to medical fetishes– I love watching it all and sometimes being part of it, especially when I can learn new techniques to use for myself and my male. Plus, you never know what might be incorporated into a story line, like the time I helped a Dom tie up his sub on a gurney and helped do wax play. What a great experience, especially learning how to vary the drip pattern and to avoid burning the submissive. Very erotic and also so beautiful to watch.

~Author Cynnara Tregarth

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The police heard news that John Barrowman, Shemar Moore, Scott Hoying and Joe Manganiello had gone missing. After investigating their tweets and emails they discovered that they had been corresponding with author, Vicktor Alexander. Following the location their tweets and texts were coming from they tracked the celebrities to a BDSM club. They followed the sounds of groans, moans, and cries of ecstasy into a room where they found all four celebrities, plus Vicktor Alexander, engaged in what could only be described as a very complicated, very sensual game of Twister with Vicktor at the center of it all.

His tongue was “engaged” in a certain area of Scott Hoying’s body when the police first arrived so he was unable to answer any questions, and when the police tried to separate the men, they found that they were all tangled together. They were concerned when they noticed the ropes wrapped around John Barrowman and Shemar Moore’s limbs, but the happy smiles on both men’s faces led law enforcement to believe that perhaps they were not in danger. Even when Vicktor Alexander brought down the tail of his flogger on the flesh of the men’s asses they merely moaned happily,which caused the police officers to leave in a hurry.

Days later the police station received a fruit basket with a videotape inside. The video showed the entirety of the game of “Twister” between Vicktor and the four celebrities, but this was not what so intrigued the officers… well, not all of them, there were a few who grew quite excited by the images, it was what happened at the end that caused them all to stare at each other at wonder. Once all four celebrities had collapsed in a pile of sexual bliss. Vicktor Alexander turned to the camera, winked and shifted into a wolf before running off screen, his wolf howl sounding loudly through the speakers.

~Author Vicktor Alexander

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Okay, so firstly…aaaand that was fiRstly, not fisty…‘cause this homo don’t play that, mmmkay. I’m a person, not a puppet, so keep your hands where I can see ‘em. : )

So, fiRstly, I was totally there by accident! I can sense that your doubting the sincerity of that last statement, but I’m not lying, I swear! Not that I have anything against the BDSM, mind you. I’ve never tried it, so I refuse to knock it. That being said, it’s always seemed a little high maintenance, you know? A lot of setting up and tearing down…unless you happen to have one of those handy dungeons where everything can remain set up. But even then, there’s still gotta be a lot of clean-up, right? I mean, all those ‘toys’ that are used to slap, smack and get stuck up people butts have to make a sizeable dent in a dude’s sanitization budget.

It’s probably not the best fit for the guy who likes to screw on-the-go is all I’m saying. Not that I think you need all of the accoutrements in order to get your BDSM on – no reason people can’t MacGyver it and make do with what’s in the cupboard at home. Surely Martha would approve, no? : )

Anywho, I’m not the boy most likely to frequent the local BDSM club since I’m probably not going to partake in the shenanigans. I get antsy and start freaking out when my shoes are too tight, so I can only imagine what being shackled in a sling would do to me. Plus I have a tendency to talk even more (hold the snark people) when I get nervous and I doubt most people go to the BDSM club to have a chat. That doesn’t mean I’d never attempt to pay a visit, mind you, assuming it’s okay just to watch, though I suspect wearing a gag to keep me silent might send the wrong message, huh?

~Author Ethan Day

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And Heeeeere’s the promised pic of me and my sweet new PA, William, here we are in New Orleans. (The picture is from 2011. Can you believe it?):



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