Friday, February 14, 2014

Books To Love For Valentine's Day


In Nick’s perfect world, Valentine’s Day would be struck from the calendar. 

Nick’s dreams of a Happily Ever After were shredded long ago and the last thing he and his customers need is a bunch of happy loving couples rubbing it in their faces. 

Bouncer Fat Boy Newman is willing to bet he knows Nick’s heart better than he does. He has just six days to change Nick’s mind about romance and the holiday and the perfect man to do it. 

Too bad it’s not him. 

Too bad Nick’s not going down without a fight. 

Too bad he cheats.

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Bradley Parker has waited twenty years for Mr. Right, and on Valentine’s Day, he finally finds him. It’s love at first sight, and Brad even loses his virginity to the man of his dreams. But when he wakes up the next morning unable to remember anything—even what the man looked like—his best friend, Leslie, is convinced he imagined the whole thing.

Brad knows he didn’t make up the best night of his life, but he has no idea of the danger he’s putting himself in as he struggles to recall the details of his perfect man. His search may lead him to parts of New York City he never dreamed existed and a war being waged in the shadows.

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Sometimes the thing you hate the most takes you to the love of your life.

Dire Wolf Shifter, Angel, may be the youngest of four brothers, but that doesn’t make him the stupidest. He knows that Valentine’s Day is nothing but one big joke. It’s just a way for candy and card shops to make extra money.

How does he know this?

Because there is no such thing as true love. Every man he’s met has proven this by stomping on his heart, leaving him bitter and jaded. Fellow Dire Wolf, Baily, has always had a crush on Angel, but he never acted on it. As one of Angel’s older brother’s best friends, Baily had never thought the time was right or appropriate. But as he sees Angel hurting, Baily can’t stop himself from reaching out to the younger man.

Will Baily be able to show Angel that there is such a thing as true love? Or had Angel’s heart grown too hard?

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Books To Love For Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Author Spotlight - Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan head shot BWIt’s no secret I’m a huge Heidi Cullinan fan. The first book of hers I read was Special Delivery so it’s my very great pleasure today to announce the re-edited, re-released version from Samhain is available!

Special Delivery features one of the most breathtaking first lines I’ve ever read:

In the deserted men’s restroom at the back of Middleton Community College, Sam Keller knelt on the tile, braced his hands against Keith Jameson’s thighs and broke his mother’s heart.

After that, the book never lets you go. Revised, re-edited and re-released, it’s still the same beautiful, complex, compelling story that made me fall in love with this author in the first place.

Heidi will capture your heart, break it a few times, tape it back together, stomp on it, and then light it on fire and melt away any of your doubts. This book is a keeper.

Great new cover! Stay tuned for Double Blind and Tough Love…

SpecialDelivery300SPECIAL DELIVERY

Release date: February 4, 2014

Book One of the Special Delivery Series

When your deepest, darkest fantasy shows up, get on board.

Sam Keller knows he’ll never find the excitement he craves in Middleton, Iowa—not while he’s busting his ass in nursing school and paying rent by slaving away in a pharmacy stockroom. Then Sam meets Mitch Tedsoe, an independent, long-haul trucker who makes a delivery to a shop across the alley. Innocent flirting quickly leads to a fling, and when Mitch offers to take him on a road trip west, Sam jumps at the chance for adventure. Mitch is sexy, funny and friendly, but once they embark on their journey, something changes. One minute he’s the star of Sam’s every x-rated fantasy, the next he’s almost too much a perfect gentleman. And when they hit the Las Vegas city limit, Sam has a name to pin on Mitch’s malady: Randy.

For better or for worse, Sam grapples with the meaning of friendship, letting go, growing up—even the meaning of love—because no matter how far he travels, eventually all roads lead home.

Warning: This story contains trucker fantasies, threesomes and kinky consensual sex.

Available February 2014 from Samhain Publishing and wherever books are sold. This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release. 

Buy links: Samhain, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads


Author Spotlight - Heidi Cullinan

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Brunch Blog - 2/1/2014


Today’s Sunday Brunch Blog has been moved to next week on account of FOOTBALL! I finally got my entire family interested in watching the commercials…ER…big, important game with me, and we’re spending the morning making chili and whatever else those guys want to eat. That’s right. You heard it here. It takes massive bribes of food to make my men watch football.

Am I the only one who wants to watch the damn GAME around here???

**crickets chirping**

1620355_281839261969259_2104407165_nThis weeks questions is for the readers!

What’s your Superbowl Game Day routine? Do you have special foods you like to make? Do you watch just for the commercials? Do you take the opportunity to go shopping while the mall is empty?

Or like me, do you imagine watching your heroes pull off all that dirty, sweaty equipment at the end of the day so they can grab a hot shower and get warm!!! Oh, how I wish I could offer them all a cup of hot cocoa because the game is going to be so gosh darn cold!

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Sunday Brunch with my author pals Next Week!!!

Sunday Brunch Blog - 2/1/2014