Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little ZAM update --

Business womanI fixed my Coming Soon page so it will accurately reflect the books that are going to be released this year. As anything comes up I’ll add it along with dates and links.


I’m working even as I write this. I’m delighted with the reception for Grime and Punishment and I’m glad people are taking the characters of story to their hearts. The “Brothers” of Grime are the three owners of the trauma scene cleaning company, Jack, Eddie, and Gabe. They’re each going to get their own story. I’m also thinking about a Grime Christmas tale and a couple of free stories featuring Skippy and Kim, and the rest of the Grime Gang.


To Find Grime and Punishment, go to Loose ID, All Romance Ebooks, or Amazon.

my cowboy heart-1

It’s also almost time to start looking dreaming of cowboys, because My Cowboy Heart is coming out at the end of August.  For some reason I don’t see the cover on the Amazon site but here it is — isn’t it cool?

You can take pre-order My Cowboy Heart, HERE


My Cowboy Heart has a sequel, already written, with a planned release in December, tentatively titled My Heartache Cowboy, so stay tuned!.

Last but not least, expect a very California-flavored ZAM Christmas tale, Lost And Found, coming from Riptide. Details on that will follow as soon as I have them.


A little ZAM update --

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