Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grime Doesn't Pay - Happy Dance!

ZM_GrimeDoesn'tPay-Eddie_coverinI’m happy to share today that Eddie and Andrew got a couple of really terrific reviews –

One came from Ami at the “Boys In Our Books” review site, who said:

“There is a sign that you are reading a good book … when you cannot put it down. I was not feeling well when I read this, I suffered from stomach flu and had been feeling weak for two days, couldn’t even had the energy to read. But when I received the ARC, once I started, I couldn’t put it down.” (you can read the rest of that review, HERE)

And another came from The Blog of Sid Love, who said:

“It put a smile on my face right at the beginning and I got sucked in to never turn back. We find Eddie fixing his hair, trying to look neat and impressive as he drops his neice off at her school. In Grime and Punishment, we have one of the briefest scenes with Eddie where the guys are giving him a hard time about how he dresses up every time he goes to that school, knowing that there had to be a teacher crush involved. So when I read that first scene with Eddie and his adorable neice, my mind soothed back into full concentration. I knew this was going to be the type of book which I’d read without a halt.” (You can read the rest of Sid’s review, HERE)

BestsellerIcon100X100On top of that, I got notification that Grime Doesn’t Pay is also an All Romance Ebooks best seller, so I think I little happy dancing is in order!

The  Blog Grime Doesn’t Pay Blog Tour: HERE,  is ongoing and the prizes will be a $20 gift certificate for Loose Id (so you can buy a few nice books for holiday reading, and I’m also giving away 3 iTunes gift cards so readers can download the Grime Doesn’t Pay playlist, here:

Giveaway image - playlist


So All that’s left, is the dancing!

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