Friday, May 27, 2011

Doc In A Box

This morning I had the opportunity to show up at my doctor's office without an appointment! While ordinarily this would strike fear into my heart, my doctor's place is one of the new offices that have walk-in appointments, a computer concierge service, and mouse calls... which is very convenient.

It seems that I blew out my back somehow, and I have been lying around like a half eaten holiday ham for a few days, unable to walk. (Which is not to say that I'm sick per se, I have an autoimmune illness which flares up in the form of joint pain and swelling once a year or so.)

Normally I manage my back with the core strengthening power of Pilates, which I wouldn't say I do very strenuously, but along with walking it seems to help. Even though I should be doing TEN TIMES more than I do, I don't get into trouble, usually.

Enter May, the Merry Month during which I have such tight deadlines -- and face it, some laziness issues -- that I blew off my Personal Trainer, the much adored Beverly, Pilates Mistress of The Damned, and I've been paying for that with three days during which I was barely able to crawl to the kitchen and eat peanut butter from the jar.

Of course I don't really do that. I put it on bread. Sheesh...

So guess what! This was the phlebotomist's first Blood Draw! Yippee! At one point my blood was flying into the tube like we were in a slasher film because my heart was racing. Maybe a phlebotomist shouldn't say, "So, I should do it like this, huh, what if it doesn't come out?" To the lady overseeing her within the patient's hearing. Just saying...

So, issued from the bottom of my heart, Mea Culpa, Bev...

I know I could have saved myself all this trouble with moderate, ongoing strength training exercise...

And If I drop like... a bunch of weight and eat right. What's the nutritional equivalent of "atheists in foxholes," I wonder?

At any rate, back to my normal self in a teeny moment. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves...


  1. So, "No atheists in foxholes and non-dieting women near swimsuit season? Sorry you blew out your back... *frownies* Feel better. *pets* (And avoid amateur hour at the phlebotomists. Those people skeer me!)

  2. Thanks Amy, it's all good. I got a really good look at the cobwebs on the ceiling over my bed (guess I don't spend so much time flat on my back) So Yeah. I can move now, though so apparently amateur or not, something they did today helped. :D

  3. Pilates Mistress BeverlyMay 28, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    I'm happy you're once again among the living!
    See you soon!

  4. Oh, Pilates Mistress Beverly (Of The Damned) I admit it! I was penny wise and pound foolish. I promise I will maintain my core strength even through tight deadlines, even though it feels like I have no time.

    *holds up girl scout promise fingers* (Mine, you know... not some random girl scout's...)