Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Favor, please...

Can you run an errand for me pretty please?

I'm trying to eventually phase out -- at least make more private -- my original, personal Facebook page. I do have an "Author Page" where I make my professional announcements and retweet my tweets. That "public persona" page wasn't available when I started and now that I have it, I'm happy to make my announcements there so my friends and family don't feel like I'm pitching my work all the time.

The name is the same, but if you could please go to the facebook search box and type in ZAMaxfield, and then please just "like" that professional page, I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it.

Please feel free to still friend me on my private Facebook page, or be my friend at livejournal, here:

or add my blogger blog to your RSS feeds, (whatever that means, seriously, I have no idea!)

Or say hi to me at Twitter, where I'm @zamaxfield or at any of my email addresses, I'm simply trying to consolidate the work related announcements to one place.

Thanks in advance for your time! :D

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