Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When it works, it really works...

I've been working on a new piece, unnamed, for the last week. I haven't even mentioned it to anyone. I'm writing a Hanukkah novella for Loose Id, and I'm writing a Christmas short story for MLR press, but other than that, I get to wander through the corridors of my psyche, like some kind of road trip in my brain, and pick and choose what I want to write each day.

Considering I've spent the last three years meeting deadline after deadline after deadline, my choice to work on one of two complete novels, all alone, in the comfort of my room without contracts feels a little... Loosey Goosey. Like wearing a light summer dress without undies. Ultimately we'll see if this frees me to write the exact book I want to write, and with the help of crit partners and fans and friends, we'll see if it's a good way for me to work in general.

As always we have the twin driving passions of love of writing and ballroom dance to guide us!

Let the holiday frivolity begin!

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