Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Notes from the edge of sanity...

We're still enjoying our extended stay in the apartment and looking forward to moving back home at the end of summer, early fall. My daughter is home from school, so six people/three bedrooms. The necessity of putting a young adult woman in a room by herself has created a fourth bedroom, previously known as the living room. A good time is being had by all.

The weather continues fine. It's hot, but nothing like the rest of the country. My heart goes out to everyone, drink plenty of fluids and stay as cool as you can!

RWA (Romance Writers of America) Nationals are right here in Anaheim, so of course I can't resist going. I'm hoping to see a lot of my pals there. I'll be the only one who looks like they slept in their own bed... LOL! Please get in touch with me by email if you're going and want to get a drink or something, I'd love to have an excuse to hang around in the bar with friends!

On a writerly news note, I'm working again! YAY!

It's been a difficult time. Prioritizing the work on the house, family, friendships, and other obligations along with the rigorous writing schedule I've been used to keeping has been nearly impossible.

My heart was a little broken and my mind has been scattered. Like... all over the universe scattered... :D

Fortunately, there is an end in sight. I have been working on a romantic comedy novel, Gasp! which will probably be a late August release from Loose Id, and I will be re-releasing The Long Way Home for the Kindle market !!! This is very exciting for me, because TLWH has been a fan favorite, but due to the collapse of a publishing company the book hasn't been available for some time.

My goal is to get this re-release version out there by midnight tonight, the end of July. Wish me luck, because I'm a typing monkey when it comes to coding. I'm STILL working on the print version of Family Unit. Of course once I get that right, the print version of The Long Way Home will follow.

Most important! I owe a great big apology to EVERYONE who entered my Family Unit print version contest. I STILL have all the entries so don't worry that you need to re-enter, but I have yet to create a good print copy of that book -- after numerous tries. One that I feel is professional enough to put on the market. There's always some gosh darn little formatting mistake or typo that makes me crazy.

I know the problem is mine, but you have my sincerest apology and I'll keep trying until I get it right. In the meantime... Let's all gaze at Hrithik Roshan, shall we?

Sighs. Hrithik always makes me feel better!

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