Monday, August 6, 2012

How Can you "Like" me?

Let us count the ways!

I spent the weekend re-evaluating my promotional situation, and I came up with some good ideas, so if you're a ZAM fan, and you would like all the news that's fit to print, I thought I'd let you know know a couple ways you can be "in the loop."

First off, you can add this banner to your blog or webpage with a link to mine at 

Okay, I know that's asking a lot. But if you'd like to exchange banners with me, I'll add yours to my links page. Just email me.

Also, I have a Yahoo Group, which it used to be really busy (when I had more time to be talkative.) Hundreds of people have come and gone, some are talk a lot and some lurk. I really do read each and every message on that loop, though, so if you want to see my news or share your own, if you want to talk about books or writers, or share your favorite recipes that's where you can do that. I really like it when people read a great book and they let me know so I can read it too. 

I want to get back to book chat. I miss it, especially when I'm writing. The funny thing is, a lot of the readers who were on that group became writers and established groups of their own. You GO Zammers! There's plenty of room at ZAM's Cybercafe. Here's the addy:

You can "Like" me on Facebook, on my author page at Facebook, on my author page at Amazon, on any one (or all) of my individual books at Amazon or anywhere else. You can follow my blog here at blogger, just push that little orange button, I think but the mysteries of RSS feeds and things are just that to me still. You can follow me at LiveJournal, or you can just drop me a line at zamaxfield at zamaxfield dot com.

A gentle plea, dear readers: Please, oh, please "like" me anywhere you can. That means finding that little "Like" button and pushing it. It does make a difference, each and every time. Plus, it's the only way I can convince my children that I'm not making all this shit up. Also, if you can, agree with the book tags on my books by clicking on them, or add your own, at Amazon. Find out more about tags, here. That's a sure and certain way for readers to help authors get more readers.

And we all want that, don't we?

I have a Newsletter, which you can subscribe to, HERE.

You can rate me, review me, or "fan" me at Goodreads. One note about that: I never feel I can review books on Goodreads. Part of that stems from the facts that I think authors reviewing books is like political pork, somehow. Or it's a little incestuous. You can follow my reviews but I don't review much, if ever. I started out rating books with the best of intentions, but then I stopped. I thought, what do I know? I just write 'em. I don't even play a literary critic on TV.

Goodreads thinks I've been reading Shoeless Joe for a couple years. Of COURSE that book gets a 5-star rating, but I never reviewed it. I'll be sharing what I'm reading more at Goodreads and on my Yahoo Group, and I hope to hear what you're reading too. I won't share about books that weren't my cup of tea, and I don't really want to encourage criticizing books or authors. I just want to know what folks are reading out there so I can read good books too.

And finally, you can follow my tweets or tweet me at @zamaxfield. Don't worry about having to listen to endless blasts about my day or my lunch or my traffic problems. I'm not very loquacious on Twitter. I mostly use it to announce new books and to point out that I'm standing next to other, more important people at conferences and on trips. (LOVED RWA's literacy book signing by the way. So exciting to stalk meet my long time idols.)

So that's it, And hopefully, as they say: That's more than enough about me... how do YOU like me?

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