Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch Blog - 10/13/2013

saupload_mad_20hatter_20tea_20partyI’ve always wanted to find a way to ask a few of my favorite authors over for a nice, leisurely Sunday brunch, and that became the idea for this blog.

Each week I plan to invite a couple friends to this blog so I can ask them a question. My friends will share their answers with me and you, gentle readers, can give your answer to my question in the comment section below. I’ll choose one random person from the comments and reward them with an ebook surprise, it’s that simple! Comments are moderated, so don’t despair if you’re not posted immediately! 

This weeks question is:

What kind of car are you?

Readers, comment below for a chance to win an ebook! We want to know what kind of car YOU would be!

1878So this week, Zam wants to know what kind of car we would be if we could…what? Be a car? Not sure why I would want to be a car (not having opposable thumbs seems like it might be a deal breaker) but hey, let’s have some fun, shall we?

(And totally as an aside, the writer in me dearly wants to know why my word processor is so dumb it doesn’t think ‘opposable’ is a word when it seems to know perfectly well that Jedi should be capitalized. There are other words I use as an erotic romance writer that it also didn’t think were words, but I’ve since educated it, and it’s much better now.)

So. On to what kind of car would I be. Based on my level of nerdiness just evidenced for you all? Probably a Volvo. And not the new, sleek kind, either. Oh no. We’re talking 80′s station wagon…beige.

Oh yes. That’s me. — Author Jamie Samms

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SundaysChild_200No doubt about it. If I were going to be a car, I’d be a Tesla.

Electric. Gorgeous. Fast. Mindblowing. And not a tailpipe on it. (That is sooo sexy!) Not burning fossil fuel never looked so good nor went so fast.

If I’m honest, I’m really all about being sleek and efficient. After all, I spend a shitton of money on WEN to keep my flyaway hair from looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I could buy regular hair products but nooooo. I have to go for the stuff that’s supposed to make my hair more shiny, more sleek, more awesome. I’m not all that sure it really works as well as it says it does but sometimes my hair is all those things so I guess it sort of works! As for efficient…I do this best at the day job, but in all my creative outlets I strive for it as well although I don’t achieve it as easily. I don’t sleep much, so I work. What could be more efficient? ;)

The Tesla is more than an electric car that hauls ass. At over $70K, it’s a statement. And it’s pretty much a work of art. Completely handmade and 100% head turning as it streaks down the road. It’s the perfect melding of technology and art.

That would be me. IT geek with a need for speed meets writer and artist with a need to create hot, sexy characters who make hot, sexy love.

And no tailpipe. (Did I mention how sexy that is?) It’s like the HEA at the end of every book I write. A statement of who I am and what I believe in. Hot sex. Endless love. That’s a Lex book in a nutshell…and that’s Lex, the Tesla of erotic romance! — Author Lex Valentine

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Sunday Brunch Blog - 10/13/2013


  1. Heh. I would probably be a minivan. I'd *like* to be something cool, but if I'm honest with myself... yeah, minivan. Probably the clunky kind with all bench seats and only one sliding door, not a nice one with 2 sliders & 2nd row bucket seats...

  2. Hmm. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who can barely tell the difference between most vehicles, so never much paid attention to them. I would say a Civic sedan since I'm dependable, not flashy and have a certain zippy quality.
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