Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaser Tuesday with author DC Juris


Today my guest is DC Juris, an online pal I had the good fortune to finally meet at one of the GRLs!

Who is DC Juris? In a few words, he’s a Star Trek loving, cupcake making, football watching, rubber duck collecting, drag show attending, full of fabulous with a capital F kinda guy.

In a few more words, he’s a Southern transplant who has retained none of his accent but all of his charm, an out and proud transgender bisexual Geek living in Upstate New York with his husband, three dogs, three cats, two Tribbles, two Ceti Alpha V eels, and a menagerie of Halloween props just creepy enough to keep people guessing about his sanity.

He’s still hopelessly single when it comes to the woman in his life, and he’ll gladly entertain offers or applications for the position! In the rare event that His Geekiness is not writing, DC can be found watching and rewatching Star Trek (TOS), surfing the internet for porn research, stalking things he “needs” on Ebay, reading, taking pictures of the world around him, or playing games on his iPhone, which he admits to being blissfully in love with. You can keep up with him at www.facebook.com/dcjuris, or www.dcjuris.com, or his blog at http://dcjuris.blogspot.com.

Here’s his snippet. Be sure to send guesses about which DC Juris book we have here to me at zamaxfield (at) zamaxfield (dot) com (you know the drill) and put Teaser Tuesday in the subject line. I will randomly select one winner who will get to choose an ebook from Daniel’s backlist!

Last week’s random Teaser Tuesday winner, from #1 and #2, you lucky devil, TRIX! I’ll send your email to Kate and Carolina, thanks for playing along!


“Um, guys?” **** called out. “There’s people coming.”

******* tore his gaze away, though he didn’t move, and his fingers dug into my cheek a little. “Just what we need. Fuck me,” he groaned.

I’d love to.

He stood up and grabbed my hand to haul me up to my feet as well.

“Hey there!” one of the people shouted.

******* chuckled. “Inconspicuous lot, aren’t they?” He glanced at me again. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah. Definitely.” I nodded. I didn’t know if I was or not, but if ******* wanted me to be okay, I’d be okay. Hell, I’d have tried to be anything for him right then.

“Stay behind me,” he instructed as he walked up to them.

Ten men and three women made up the group, and they looked to range in age anywhere from teenagers to a woman in her fifties, maybe. I’d never been a really good judge of age. They were grungy and smelly—proof they’d been on the streets for a while.

“Hi there!” one of the men stuck out his hand to *******. “I’m ***.”

******* looked him up and down through narrow eyes, no doubt wondering, as was I, why he was being so friendly. “I’m *******.”

“You three out here by yourselves?” *** asked.

If his name really was ***. My stomach knotted at the way several of the men were ogling ****—as though he was a tasty snack. I edged over closer to him and listened as ******* and The Man Who Would Be Called *** exchanged pleasantries and small talk.

“We’re camped out a couple miles west of here. It’s a real nice spot,” *** revealed. “You’re welcome to come back with us.”

******* shook his head. “We’re headed east.”

“Toward Copper Valley? Yeah, everyone we’ve met has been headed there. It’s not too far out of your way, though. And your boy there looks like he could use some medical attention.” He pointed at me.

I stood up straighter. “I’m fine.” I wasn’t, though. It had taken all my strength to walk over to **** without showing the pain in my ankle, and I was pretty certain my right wrist was at least sprained.

“He’s bleeding.” One of the others pointed out. “He get bitten?”

I hadn’t even realized the blood oozing from the scrapes on my arms, and seeping through the knees of my jeans.

“He fell.” ******* glanced at me. “Just a little bruised up.”

“They’ll smell him a mile away.” *** sniffed the air in apparent demonstration.

“I’m fine,” I repeated.

[Editor's note: okay now I'm officially shaking in my shoes for those guys. Lots of great tension here. Wow.]


Teaser Tuesday with author DC Juris

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