Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Just In...

OH, my God. Asymmetrical FRING my A** ZAM AT RT 2013

I made the blog my landing page. Yes! This is the same website, but rather than have that same old boring landing page, I decided to do my posts up front here. You can still find all the information you need about me and links to freebies and all that other good stuff under the About Me page.

If you want to get to the books? Click on books.

Berkley is getting ready to release My Heartache Cowboy on the 21st of January. I’m very excited about this one, these guys are really dear to my heart. I’ll be embarking on a massive blog tour, so forewarned is forearmed, yeah? I plan to be everywhere.

Tune me out if you get sick of me, but I’ll be stopping at people’s blogs with interviews, getting shout-outs from fellow authors, and giving away prizes.

My Heartache Cowboy Banner

Click to Pre-order My Heartache Cowboy

Last but not least, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, now’s the time. I’ll be conducting a SUPER-SEEKRIT contest for Newsletter members only. Would you like a chance to be a part of J-Bar history? If you loved Crispin and Malloy, you’re going to want to be in on this!

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This Just In...

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