Friday, September 20, 2013

Casual S*x Friday - End Of Summer

summer-campThe bare wooden dock beneath Jack’s back held the warmth of the setting sun. Nick padded over and dropped down beside him, still dripping cold water from the lake.

Jack squinted.

Nick was little more than a wide black shape with the light of the sun behind him — impossible to look at without hurting Jack’s eyes.

Nick was tough to look at anyway. He’d always seemed bright and cold as a distant star. Even so, Jack’s cock twitched as he lay there, helplessly pinned by Nick’s knowing blue gaze.

“Are you still going to love me when we get back home?” Nick criss-crossed his legs, surreptitiously watching as his tanned adolescent body ripple with new muscle. Nick had power he was barely learning to wield and grace he entirely was unaware of. His feral smile promised dark adventure as he lowered his voice to a bare whisper. “Are you still going to be my boy, Jackie?”

“Y-yes.” Jack’s mouth went dry. “I’ll always–”

“Hey Nick. Heads up!”

Somebody lobbed a football their way. Nick leapt up after it, catching it effortlessly before it could fall to the dock and wobble off into the water.

“Heads up yourself, asshole.” He rifled the ball back to the shore and turned back to Jack.

Nick.” Nick’s friend shouted. “You coming or what?”

“Be there in a second.”

Aw.” Someone else called. “Why you gotta babysit your little girlfriend all the time, man? We’re waiting.”

Laughing, Nick flipped him off. “You can fucking wait longer, then.”

Jack turned away. “Why do you let them talk to you like that?”

“You mean why do I let them talk about you like that, don’t you?”

“It’s the same thing, isn’t it?”

Nick froze. “The hell it is.”

Jack felt Nick’s footsteps vibrate through the boards beneath his body as Nick pounded away after his friends.



Casual S*x Friday - End Of Summer

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