Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Teaser

Okay! Here’s how you do it! Guess the title of the Z.A. Maxfield book this teaser comes from to get an ebook copy of the book in question or any other book from my backlist. Be sure to give me a valid email address so I know where to send your ebook. The 7th person to email me with the correct title  WINS!

Email me at zamaxfield @ zamaxfield (dot) com and put Tuesday Teasers in the subject line!

Aaaaand…Pretty soon I’ll be inviting friends to join me here every Tuesday and hopefully, you’ll get a crack at winning a special guest author’s book. That will be fun, won’t it? (Seeing as how some of my friends are bestselling m/m romance authors and a chance to win one of their books would be AWESOME.) Look for something new come October. I’ll be kicking Tuesday Teasers: The Guest Factor into high gear during GRL month.

This Tuesday Teaser is another tough one. Shall we play GUESS THE BOOK?

Last Week’s Winners : Karen! (It was Secret Light… kind of an obscure one, I think)

love of books

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***** pulled a large basket up next to the cot, overturning it. He thought it might hold his weight, but sat down gingerly to test it. As for speaking to this…person, this almost-man who’d caused him so much grief, now that he was here he found he had very little to say.

“I expected something more,” ***** said, mostly to himself.

Before him, the bundle of rags and skin gave up a sound that was halfway between a laugh and a deep, gut-wrenching sob. “Me too, man.”

“****.” ***** tried the name. “That’s your name, right? **********?”

“*******,” came the curt reply.

“You don’t like to be called ****?”

The boy looked away.

“How old are you?”

No answer.

“Are you in high school?”


***** glanced at the boy’s body briefly. He was lying on his side with his knees drawn to his chest. It was impossible to tell how old he was. His face, though bruised and caked with blood, was fairly smooth. “You don’t look twenty.”

“Sorry. I’m not exactly going to bring my ID to commit a crime.”

“You don’t talk like a gangbanger.”

“Again. Sorry if I’m a disappointment to you. I guess I should try to do better in the future. Not that I’ll have the chance.”

Good Luck!

Tuesday Teaser

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