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Sunday Brunch With Friends - In The Beginning...

saupload_mad_20hatter_20tea_20partyOne of the best things about my writing career is all the wonderful friends I’ve made over the years. Many of my internet pals have become in-person friends. We share adventures in writing, and often we have the opportunity to meet up at conventions like Romantic Times Book Lovers’ convention or GayRomLit.

I always wanted to find a way to just ask a few over for branch, and this became the idea for this blog.

Each Sunday I’ll invite a couple friends over and ask a question. My friends will share their answers with me. You, gentle readers, can give your answer to my question in the comment section below. I’ll choose one random person from the comments and reward them with an ebook surprise, it’s that simple! Comments are moderated, so don’t despair if you’re not posted immediately! Stay tuned, I’ll announce our winner next week!

This week’s question:

You’re going into exile on a deserted alien planet. What three things do you bring?

1219154I’m going to assume that the deserted alien planet is only deserted in terms of other humans. I mean, I don’t do camping so deserted alien planet only works for me if I’m not scrounging for food and water and sleeping in the dirt. ;) That being said, I’d need room service or some other means of eating and drinking besides scrounging in the wild for it. I’m so not the Doomsday Prepper type that hunts for wild boar. I could handle kicking back and letting the aliens bring me food and drink on demand. It would be like a vacation, but on an alien planet devoid of humans…I could go for that! Especially if the aliens were male, hot and naked. ;)

 Now, going along with my first choice, I’d have to say that the second thing I’d bring would be my family. Or rather, Rott and the babies. Nikki wouldn’t want to come. She likes human contact. In Rott’s case, he hates people. He’d be okay on an alien planet without humans as long as the aliens weren’t idiots. He’d probably think of it as a vacation same as me! I couldn’t go anywhere without him. His sense of humor keeps me balanced. He entertains me constantly and keeps me in a good mood so I can write sexy men. And I’d have to take the babies because who would care for them if I left them behind? I’d miss my Louie and his parents and brothers. Louie likes to lay on my feet while I work. I don’t think I could work without him. And it would be awesome if the aliens cleaned up after the babies…yeah, aliens on litter box duty…that’s awesome!

 And lastly, I’d need someplace to work. Would need my computer and the internet, a comfy, roomy desk and a super comfy chair. What’s the point of going anywhere if I couldn’t write about it? And I’d need to keep working on the stories in my head even on vacay…er, exile…on an alien planet. Must. Write. Sexy. Characters. Yeah, no slacking on my part, even surrounded by aliens. – Author Lex Valentine



Image 1I’d bring an acoustic guitar and a pitch pipe, plus a ton of guitar strings…
See, I’m hoping the alien planet will be stimulated by my arrival and begin to provide me with some cool aliens to hang out with, so I’ll have company. I like to have company. I’m sure it’ll take us a while to learn to communicate in each other’s languages, so until them we’ll communicate with music!

Or, if the planet really has to be deserted… I know! I’ll bring a sexy
Argeneau vampire, who happens to be my lifemate. Um… what else? geez, Zam, this is a tough one. I’d bring a Christmas tree, because I love them so much mine stays up most of the year (yeah, it’s still up). Oh, and a cat. I’d leave my daughter here, because I don’t want to trap her on a deserted planet. She’s only thirteen, and that would deprive her of a lot of fun growing up stuff. So, yep. Sexy vamp who can make me immortal and adores me, a swanky Christmas tree with self-powered LCD lights, and a pregnant cat… you know, so there will be kittens. :)  – Author Cherie Noel.


Untitled“This jury finds you guilty of being over fifty, a writer, and a bear. You are sentenced to exile on Planet Maxfield. You are allowed to take three things with you, Bear on Books.” The voice of some little puissant judge kept buzzing around in my head, and all I wanted to do was wake up and go get a green chai latte and maybe a blueberry muffin. Whole grain, of course. Throwing my hand out and hitting the light switch, I slowly opened my eyes and saw it wasn’t a dream after all.

Those bastards really did send me to rim Maxfield…er, Maxfield’s Rim. Thank the gods the view here was stunning—all those shades of red.

First things first, I went and relieved myself, and splashed some cold water on my face. Even in exile, there was no reason to walk around looking like something the bear dragged in. I opened the pet gate and walked into the kitchen and bent down to pet the dogs. That was the first, and most necessary thing on my list of three items I was allowed in exile. Digging through the cabinet, I pulled out a couple of cans of food and fed the beasts before opening the door to let them out.

My Kindle was on the charger. I’d wrangled with them over it being one thing or many, since it was full of books. They might have made the rules, but they never thought around it long or hard enough. My four thousand books didn’t count, just the reader.

Ha, take that Judge Judy.

Two strong arms wrapped around me as I was flipping through my “Gay Romance” collection to find a book to read during breakfast. “Mmm, good morning Sir.”

Yes, my good little slave boy Vin Diesel made the cut at Number Three. What a shame we had to leave all his clothes back on Earth though.

Breakfast was looking better and better… — Author Tom Webb




Join me every Sunday, as we explore silly things with exciting authors!



Sunday Brunch With Friends - In The Beginning...

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